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Adjustable pet dog cat safety collars car - black blue purple

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Adjustable Pet Dog Safety Car Seat belt-black

Do you want to drive out with your pet without worrying about the safety of your pet in the car or naughty? Now, here comes a Pet Safety Seat Belt Car will meet you demand. This adjustable dog pet cat car seat belt is made of nylon webbing, it is easy to operate and remove, precisely to ensure the safety of your dog and cat when you're driving.


. Brand New Adjustable Pet Dog Safety Car Seat Belt
. Nylon fabric high quality
. Durable buckles and adjustable strap
. Keep your dog and cat safely restrained and secure in vehicle while driving

. Adjustable strap allows the pet to sit, lie or stand comfortably

. Seatbelt

. Perfect for your dog


. Color: black, blue, purple
. Material: nylon
. Adjustable Length: about 44-71 cm

. Width: about 2.5 cm
. Package dimensions: 200.0 * 150.0 * 10.0mm
. Weight: 44.0g

Package includes:

1 x Adjustable Pet Dog Safety Car Seat belt-black

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